The Funniest Cannabis Dispensary and Weed Delivery Experiences

At Culture Cannabis Club, we’ve had some pretty funny experiences when it comes to cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services. From customers not understanding their orders to delivery drivers taking the longest possible route to a customer’s house, there have been plenty of amusing moments.

One of the funniest experiences happened recently when a customer called our cannabis dispensary to place an order for a specific strain of weed. The customer seemed a bit confused and after a few minutes of trying to explain the types of cannabis we had in store, we finally understood the order and began to fill it.

However, when the customer arrived at the dispensary to pick up their order, it turned out they had completely misunderstood our instructions and instead of picking up their order, they had brought a bag of popcorn! After a good laugh, we quickly corrected the mistake and sent the customer on their way with their weed.

Another funny experience happened when a delivery driver was taking too long to reach a customer’s house. After a few phone calls and checking the driver’s GPS, we discovered the driver had decided to take a detour off the main road and was taking the scenic route to the customer’s house.

At Culture Cannabis Club, we may have some funny experiences every now and then, but we take customer service seriously and always aim to provide the best weed delivery and cannabis dispensary experience possible. Check out our website here to learn more about us.