The Iconic Journey: A Light-hearted Look at 3 Stops on the Michigan Green Route

Venturing through the state of Michigan, there’s a road less traveled – we’ll lovingly call this the ‘Green Route’. No, it doesn’t involve hills and valleys, but a different kind of ‘high’ altogether; rolling from city to city, from a Marijuana Provisioning Center in Lowell, up to a Pot Shop in Gaylord, and ending at a Weed Dispensary in Sturgis.

Start in Lowell, where ‘life is good, dude’. Locals regard the marijuana provisioning center as the town’s unofficial chill-out spot. Here, we’re not just talking about great cannabis products, but also the legendary relaxing vibes that come standard.

Next, we’re off to Gaylord – the home of a renowned pot shop. Rumor has it, the great herb has attributed to an increase in local smiles (unconfirmed reports say the cheesiness has been mind-boggling).

Finally, you end up in Sturgis, at a dispensary that suits both recreational and medical users. Whatever the stress of the journey, this stop guarantees to mellow it out.

Experience the Iconic Wellness & Provisioning on the ‘Green Route’. Spoiler Alert: It’s a journey unlike your usual road trip!