Discover Exciting Recreations Around New Standard: Your Premier Dispensary

Explore an exciting realm of possibilities around New Standard, your trusted dispensary in Sand Lake and Muskegon, MI. As an integral part of both communities, New Standard is devoted to paving the way for a harmonious blend of fun and relaxation, both indoors and outdoors.

Immerse in Sand Lake’s Natural Wonders

Embrace Michigan’s gorgeous outdoors by immersing yourself in Sand Lake’s captivating natural wonders. Start at the Salmon Run Park where trails meander through a diverse landscape, offering every visitor a tranquil retreat from the bustle. If you’re an avid fisherman, the aptly named Sand Lake promises abundant fishing opportunities right at your doorstep.

Meeting community at its core, the annual Sand Lake Summer Festival is packed with laughter, games, and traditional fair food. These stimulating activities perfectly complement the soothing rejuvenation you enjoy at New Standard.

Discover Majestic Muskegon

Venture further west to immerse yourself in Muskegon’s rich culture and heritage. This waterfront city is home to stunning beaches, historic ships, and numerous museums. The Muskegon Museum of Art, a century-old institution, boasts an outstanding collection of visual treasures, igniting inspiration in every visitor.

Pair an afternoon at the museum with a relaxed evening at the New Standard, where our welcoming environment and knowledgeable staff will help you navigate our extensive menu.

Final Thoughts

New Standard invites you to add a new perspective to your Michigan adventure in Sand Lake and Muskegon. Our dispensary is more than just an establishment; it’s a gateway to an enriching community experience. Visit us today, and let’s set new standards together.